Who We Are

About Routeware, INC.

Founded in 1999, Routeware's single-minded vision is to be the #1 technology provider for fleet management.

Our sole mission is to fully automate the entire workflow, replacing paper-based scheduling, dispatching, and traditional methods with easy-to-use electronic tools in the office and in the truck. The products and services that we sell are a direct result of the input we have received from our 14-plus years of experience modeling the fleet management industry.


Managing fleets is a dynamic, fluid process. Route changes, driver issues, run backs, and truck maintenance issues all compete for your attention. Traditionally, companies have managed this challenging workload with paper, multiple dispatch sites, and expensive radio and cell phone communications.

At Routeware, we've pioneered a system that automates all of that. Route adjustments, truck locations, and pick-up/drop-off activity are now communicated automatically between the truck and the office. Your trucks become rich data collectors, feeding everything they're doing back to the office in real-time. Using Routeware's powerful reporting tools, everyone in the office can see exactly what's unfolding on every route. This kind of visibility leads to cost savings, route consolidation, better driver management, reduction of paperwork, and increased revenue.


From product engineering to sales and marketing, everything we do is focused on our customers – not only those who use our products but the tens of thousands of homes and businesses our hauling partners service every day. We understand that hauling is a mission-critical, 24/7 business, with the absolute need to be 100% accurate. To do that, haulers need tools that let them see and manage everything that's going on with their drivers and trucks, and connect it with everything that's happening in the office. That's what we do; provide you with the means to transform your hauling operation into a lean, competitive business.

If these things are important to you—strengthening the driver/management relationship, increasing accountability, reducing costs, and improving the efficiency of your organization—give us a call. Let's start a conversation about how we can put the power of Routeware to work for you.