Frequently Asked Questions

Big picture, what does the Premium system do?

The Routeware Premium system uses an on-board computer called Rcore® and powerful, easy-to-use analytic software that automates the entire routing process. Drivers track pickups, skips, and breaks on the computer. Supervisors, customer service agents, and dispatchers use the software to see what’s happening in the field. The system works in real-time.


Do you have a low-end tracking option?

Yes! Routeware is thrilled to offer our new Basic product for fleets that do not need a full-featured on-board computing solution. Contact us today to learn more.


What industries can benefit from using the Routeware system?

The Routeware system can benefit any fleet of any size in any industry, including:

  • Waste
  • Food service
  • Beverage delivery
  • HVAC
  • Mining
  • Landscaping
  • Field service
  • And more!


How much time does it take to install?

For Premium, generally, we can have you up and running within 60 days of your signed order. For Basic, we can have a customer installed and running within 30 days of your signed order


How many units can we install at once?

There is no limit to how many vehicles can be installed. We can create an installation schedule that works for you.


Can we do our own installs in the vehicles?

Yes. We have a “train the trainer” program where we’ll install the first five vehicles, then watch as your crew installs the next batch. We’ll make sure your mechanics are Routeware certified by the time we’re done.


What's the difference between Routeware and route optimization?

Route optimization software employs sophisticated mathematical algorithms and a wide range of variables that help you optimize and resequence your routes.

These new routes are then sent to the Routeware system, which tracks how they actually ran in the field. You can compare that data to the projection made by the route optimization software. This “theoretical-versus-actual” combination is very powerful for haulers seeking to create the most efficient routes possible.

If you’re not using route optimization software, you can still use the Routeware system to improve your routes. Easy-to-understand reports, maps, and statistics will help you uncover routing and driver behavior issues that can help you create more efficient routes.


Do drivers like the system?

Drivers love the system. It’s quick to learn, it’s fast, and it eliminates the need for paperwork. No more route sheets and driver log books. With our on-board systems, it’s all done electronically.