Frequently Asked Questions

Can I save on insurance?

The Routeware system offers some excellent safety benefits, helping to reduce risk when the vehicles are in the field. In some cases, these benefits can result in a reduction of vehicle insurance rates. Check with your broker to see if this benefit is available to you.

Can Routeware Premium help me generate more revenue?

Yes—in several ways. First, your drivers can easily track all of the extra trash that they find on the route. If you can bill for extras, you’ll see your revenue increase. If the truck is equipped with digital cameras, you’ll have absolute verification of the extra pickup should your customer try to refute the charge. 

Second, Routeware can help you increase your route density. Eliminating unnecessary route deviations and consolidating stops can help you add more revenue-generating customers. 

Finally, your drivers are always your best source of revenue. As they progress through their route, they can use Rcore to send you messages about potential sales opportunities. These can easily be mapped and turned over to your sales force, who can work to turn these into new customers.

Can Routeware make our Customer Service department more efficient?

Absolutely. Instead of putting calls on hold and contacting the driver, customer information is available instantly, right at the CSR’s desk. This helps reduce the average time/call, allowing for increased call volumes or decreased staffing requirements.  

Additionally, the objective information from the Routeware system eliminates the “us-versus-them” aspect of the customer relationship. Once customers realize that you are dealing with facts, not conjecture, CSRs are able to render faster, accurate, and improved service.

Can the system improve route density?

Absolutely. The goal of the Routeware system is to improve route efficiency. That translates to more pickups/hour, meaning your trucks and drivers can do more work in the same number of hours they’re out today. Additionally, you can increase your roll-off pulls/hour ratio with the power of Routeware, leading to an increase in top-line revenue. 

The inverse is also true. Using Routeware, haulers are able to consolidate route stops, resulting in fewer route hours and reduced vehicle and driver expense. Those savings flow right to the bottom line, helping to generate the systems excellent return on investment.