Frequently Asked Questions

Can we do away with our current GPS system?

Yes. GPS tracking is built into the Routeware system. You can track your vehicles on a map in real-time, run reports on vehicle location, speed, heading, and more.


How does the Premium system handle alleys and cul-de-sacs for waste haulers?

Matching a can to a pick-up address in an alley or a cul-de-sac depends on several factors, including how far the can is from the house or building and how closely it’s been pushed next to other cans. The GPS system is accurate to within five feet, so it may be able to match a can to its actual address, depending on how far it’s been relocated.

If the can is equipped with an RFID tag, the Rcore system can be equipped with an RFID reader and immediately match the can with the corresponding customer record.

Finally, Rcore has an AutoPickup mode that can help match a can to its source address.


How secure are the units in the truck?

Very secure. For Premium, the units are mounted securely to the doghouse and use industry-standard RAM mounts to hold them securely in place. Additionally, the CPU is usually located in a part of the cab where it can’t be seen. Also, the system doesn’t look like a computer, so it’s not likely to be identified by a thief as something they’d be tempted to steal.


How long is data kept?

Data collected by the Routeware system is kept in perpetuity.