Routeware In The Field

How do you keep track of drivers, vehicles, routes, work orders, service delivery, and pickups while driving efficiency, safety, and customer service?  That’s where we can help. Routeware has hardware and software that focuses on every aspect of fleet management, transportation, and work order processing, with both real-time reporting and post-trip analysis.

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Routeware Control Center

Core software with dispatching, customer service, mapping, and reporting modules. Works hand-in-hand with your routing/billing software. 

Routeware On-Board System

Our on-board computer that tracks everything the driver is doing: customer pickups, breaks and landfill trips, work order processing, and more. 

Business Analytics & Reports

Real-time, easy-to-understand dashboards and reports that alert you to trends or problems with your vehicles, routes, and drivers. 

Cloud Hosting & Services

From cloud hosting to application development, read how Routeware Consulting Services can help you get more from your Routeware system.

SmartTruck Options

Explore a wide range of options that expand your RCore suite into a complete on-board fleet management system.