Routeware On-Board System (Premium Only)

On-board fleet management just got a whole lot simpler with Routeware's On-Board System.


Tracking your routes just got easier, thanks to Routeware's On-Board System. With its rugged design and driver-friendly screens, this system paints a detailed, highly-accurate picture of all route activity: pickups, breaks, landfill activity, and more. Optional Smart Truck accessories like digital cameras and RFID all work together to create a complete routing system that can manage your fleet, drivers, and routes—all in real-time.


• Military-grade components
• Solid state drive
• Waterproof aluminum case
• Full power management
• Entry lock-out mode when vehicle is in motion

• Easy to use and install
• See all driver activity in real-time
• Eliminate two-way radio costs
• Connect drivers, vehicles, and operations
• Document on-route vs. off-route time