Safety and Better Driver Productivity with Routeware


Wouldn’t you like to see the status of your entire operation at a single glance? Routeware’s advanced HeatMap dashboard allows you to do just that.

Routeware HeatMap is a powerful but easy-to-read dashboard that monitors virtually every aspect of your fleet. Now, you can hold every driver accountable for meeting all of your high expectations.  You can set HeatMap alert thresholds for dozens of key performance metrics and see how each driver is performing to each target in real time. Vehicles idling too long? Drivers behind schedule? Too many unscheduled breaks? Drivers moving too fast?  It’s all there on the Routeware HeatMap. Green is good.  Red is bad.  See a problem? Just click on a color-coded alert and you'll get the information you need to adjust driver behavior.

Some fleet tracking solutions overload you with emails, texts, or noise. Others require too many clicks just to find a critical problem.  Routeware can help you spot issues faster—often before they cascade into big problems.   You say that you have a fleet so big that you can’t see them all on screen?  No problem.  One click can sort all of your poorest performing drivers to the top of your screen and the top of your to do list.



  • With over 50 real-time performance indicators, you’ll crush looming problems before they crush you.

  • User-settable alert triggers mean you can finally hold drivers accountable for behavior that affects your P+L and reputation.   

  • Built-in mapping capabilities make it easy to locate drivers that catch your attention.

  • Small fleets can assess the health of today’s operations without ever touching a keyboard.  Bigger fleets need only one or two clicks to see everything.

  • The HeatMap makes monitoring so easy that you can manage the fleet with fewer resources. 

Metric Zoom

From the color-coded notifications on the HeatMap, users can drill into any number and receive an instant mini-report. The Metric Zoom shows the location of each event/vehicle and offers 30-day trending reports to show you how the driver and vehicle are performing. Compare a single event to a driver’s average and the average of the entire company—on any metric.


Features & Benefits

  • Detailed reports and graphs behind every HeatMap notification.

  • Instant tracking of vehicle location.

  • Instant mapping of key events and metrics.

  • Ability to compare and contrast against entire fleet or other driver activity.

  • Service-level comparisons based on current or four-week averages.

  • Customizable criteria for daily driver comparison.

  • Immediate pop-out reporting to make better decisions, faster.

Status, Ranking, and Trend Reports

Routeware Reports features more than 400 pre-built reports which you can view and sort in a variety of ways. Each report is fully customizable and all reports can be exported to Excel, CSV, and PDF. 

Need to know which drivers are performing better or worse? Who strayed away from or into a geo-fence? Who is running behind schedule? These answers and more can be found within Routeware Reports.

Our reports were built with executives in mind.   Get the insight your need to streamline your operations, increasing revenue, reducing costs, improving safety and customer service, and cutting out fraud.

Contact us today to see how these reports can help you reach your fleet management goals!


Standard Reports for Basic Include

  • Miles Driven
  • Idle Time
  • Time of Service
  • Vehicle Diagnostic Events
  • Aggressive Driving Events
  • Driver rankings and scorecards

Standard Reports for Premium Include Basic Reports plus

  • Extras
  • Skips
  • Driver Comments
  • Actuator Events
  • Route and Service Time
  • Customer Service History
  • Ratio analysis

Management Reports Include

  • Management Summary by Route
  • Management Summary by Vehicle
  • Driver Efficiency Overview
  • Trend Reporting on any Notifications