Routeware Control Center

Routeware’s advanced solution can move your fleet management operations to the next level.

Looking for an all-encompassing tool that allows you to manage your day-to-day operations efficiently and effectively? Need something that also arms you with the most industry–advanced business intelligence and trending information, allowing you to make critical and beneficial business decisions?

Look no further—Routeware Control Center is your answer!

We have combined the very best in our back office technology to offer our customers an innovative, web-based system. Effective, seamless operations tracking and maintenance, as well as trend reporting and alerts are right at your fingertips.


Within a single screen, Routeware Control Center brings together pertinent information a dispatcher, supervisor or customer service representative needs, including driver messages, vehicle map locations, route status and alert information. In addition the application is highly configurable, giving our users options for how they want information displayed to them.

Executives will love Routeware Control Center as it gives them an in-depth, all-encompassing view of their operations with a single click.


In addition to the hybrid of information and accessibility this solution presents, Routeware Control Center offers:

  • Our advanced Heatmap to alert you to any issues in your fleet

  • Trend reporting customized by vehicle #, frequency, date range

  • Uninterrupted route completion

  • “At a Glance” view of all notifications

  • One stop access with multiple panels accessible on dual screens

  • Visibility to every line of business

  • Effective span of control

  • User security at every level

  • Industry leading data filtering and sorting

  • More data – less clicks

  • Easy holiday scheduling

  • Ease of truck “hand-offs”

  • Access, functionality and efficiency

  • A tool built around customer suggestions

  • A tool guaranteed to help move your business forward!