You need to know what is happening with your operation on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. Routeware’s advanced Reporting and Notification functionality will ensure full transparency to your vehicle and driver activity. Need to know where a truck is? Who has strayed from their geofence? Who is running behind schedule? These answers and more can be found within Routeware’s Reporting module. Routeware’s reporting system is fully customizable and all reports can be exported to Excel, CSV, and PDF. Segment your reports by route, vehicle #, driver, or lines of business.


With our innovative reporting tools, you will have the pertinent information you need to make critical business decisions. Get the insight you need to help streamline your operations and lead to higher revenue, reduced cost, improved safety, improved customer service, and reduced fraud.


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Standard Reports for Basic Include

  • Miles Driven
  • Idle time
  • Time of Service
  • Vehicle Events
Standard Reports for Premium Include
  • Extras
  • Skips
  • Driver comments
  • Actuator events
  • Route and Service Time
  • Customer Service History

Management Reports Include

  • Management Summary by Route
  • Management Summary by Vehicle
  • Driver Efficiency Overview
  • Trend Reporting on any Notifications