Smart Truck

Premium customers, build on your Routeware Truck Software with SmartTruck accessories from Routeware. Improve customer service, driver management, and route efficiency with powerful SmartTruck gear that's easy to use and truck-tough. From cameras to RFID, every SmartTruck accessory is designed to cut costs and increase revenue—powerful financial benefits that you can take right to the bottom line.


Digital_Cameras.jpgDigital Cameras

Instantly capture extras, container condition, proof of service, and more—all in real-time



Scales Integration

Container weight sent directly to the Rcore unit, then back to the office and stored with the customer record



Automatic service verification for every container, improving accuracy of pick-up tracking and billing


Turn-by-turn-directions.jpgTurn-By-Turn Directions

Provides instructions to the driver's next stop, spoken aloud by Rcore for safety