Our new, lower-priced solution is now available!

Routeware Basic is the perfect partner to complement our full-spectrum product

Because we know you don't always need the advanced capabilities of our Premium product, we now have the solution to help you manage your entire fleet of vehicles, not just a small component. Let us help you find the answer for all your fleet management needs.

Routeware Basic uses low-cost, easy to install technology to track vehicle location, speed, heading, and more. That information is then transmitted to the Routeware back office system in real-time.  Employees can observe their fleets’ position with mapping tools that include animated route playback and full breadcrumb trail visibility. 

Routeware Basic is far more than just a GPS system! Its standard functionality provides companies with:

  • A low-cost solution
  • A starting point from which you can grow into more advanced Routeware solutions
  • Fast delivery, installation, and start-up
  • Constant, real-time visibility to your vehicles via our Notifications Panel (Miles, Idle, Time, Speed)
  • Trend reporting via our Custom Reporting Module
  • The ability to geofence any area on a map and know when the vehicle enters or leaves the area
  • An application that is easy to use

Routeware Basic works in conjunction with Routeware Command & Control and is the perfect addition to your operation. Why track part of your fleet when you can track it all now?

Our website has gotten a facelift!

Our new look is just the start of great changes we have in store.

As Routeware continues to evolve and grow, we need to ensure our website evolves with us. Routeware.com offers a sleek new look, easy to navigate sitemap, and user friendly tools and resources to ensure you find exactly what you are seeking.

Be sure to check routeware.com frequently to stay up to date on exciting new innovations, informative news and blogs, and educational webinar offerings designed to aid our customers in optimizing their ROI with the Routeware system.