How to Beat the Driver Shortage: 3 Steps You Can Take Now

Do you feel the crunch of the driver shortage? If you are like most fleets, you do - nearly every day. According to the American Trucking Association, we may be short 200,000 drivers by 2022. Fleet owners and executives need a new game plan.

Routeware recently offered a free 30-minute webinar "How To BEAT the Driver Shortage" outlining the current driver landscape, common responses to high turnover, and a straightforward proven approach to address driver capacity and improve fleet performance.

This webinar was presented by Tom Malone, a technology executive and engineer with over 28 years of experience in the software, computer services, and telecommunications industries. He has led corporations as large as $1.5 billion in sales and as small as $12 million. Tom served as CEO or president of Accero Inc., SRC Software, GST Telecom, and Cable and Wireless USA, and is currently the CEO of Routeware.

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