What We Offer

Fleet operations thrive on precision and real-time data about driver behavior and location. Routeware offers fleet management software packages that meet all your needs.  What you want is what you get with Routeware.

There is no such thing as "one size fits all". You have unique requirements and you need a partner that adapts to you. Routeware has expandable solutions that meet your needs. We know that businesses have different needs and are always growing and changing. Routeware has developed systems and packages with your growth path in mind. We provide a multitude of hardware offerings, a web-based interface, and various services aimed at helping you get up and running in our system easily, effectively, and in a way that is right for your organization.


Routeware Basic

Routeware Basic is an affordable starting point for companies who want real-time GPS tracking and state-of-the-art reports that drive costs down and revenue up. Basic service features almost instantaneous start-up, ease-of use, and a stepping stone to more advanced features as your needs grow.

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Routeware Premium

Routeware's most advanced offering combines GPS tracking and reporting with live dispatching and routing, driver interaction, work orders, messaging, RFID, lift actuator sensors, cameras, scales, pump sensors, and more via a powerful on-board computing system.  Capture billing information at the point of service and relay it directly to your billing system.

Our technology helps increase top-line revenue and bottom-line profits by improving operational efficiency for our customers’ three key assets: back office, drivers, and vehicles. We are committed to providing unmatched automation and operations efficiency through fleet management solutions. Our core focus is to make our customers' operations run efficiently, effectively, and intelligently.

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