Routeware Basic

Because we know that not every customer needs the full spectrum of resources that our flagship product offers, we have developed a new offering in our expanding line of on-board technology. The Routeware Basic system is the perfect answer for fleets who need real-time vehicle tracking. 


Routeware Basic:

  • Is a flexible platform that offers an affordable entry into fleet technology
  • Enables companies to right-size the deployment of technology to their budget
  • Offers a growth path to full on-board computing
  • Is an excellent companion for fleets already equipped with the Routeware system

Routeware Basic provides an entry-level product for companies who want to see the location of their vehicles in real-time. Via a small "plug and play" in-vehicle device, Routeware Basic uses GPS to track vehicle location, speed, and heading. This information is then transmitted back to the office in real-time.  Employees can observe their fleets’ position with mapping tools that include animated route playback and full breadcrumb trail visibility. 

2014-12-19_14-33-53.png Basci_Breadcrumb_Trail.png

Routeware Basic is far more than just a GPS system! Its standard functionality provides companies with:

  • A low upfront cost solution, with a growth path option
  • Fast delivery, installation, and start-up
  • Constant, real-time visibility to their vehicles via our HeatMap (Miles, Idle Time, Speed, Etc.)
  • Trend reporting via our Custom Reporting Module
  • The ability to geofence any area on a map and know when a vehicle enters or leaves the area

Routeware Basic is fully upgradable and scalable to Routeware Premium ensuring that as your business grows, Routeware will grow with you!

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