The Routeware solution benefits everyone in your organization:



iStock_000033573688Medium.jpgVia our extensive, customized trend reporting, Executives receive an in-depth, all-encompassing view of their operations with a single click. This information and business intelligence are imperative for top management to make the most beneficial operating decisions.


Supervisors and Operations Managers

Imagine being able to manage your entire daily operation from ONE application.  With Routeware, Supervisors and Operations Managers can do just that. In a single view, Supervisors and Managers can see what is happening with each route, customer information, and overall operation activity, leading to faster startup times, more efficient route runs, and less chaos.


Customer Service

Customer_Service.jpgCustomer information and location event information (pickups, skips, extras) is all stored in Routeware Back Office, allowing Customer Service personnel to have real-time information as it relates to a customer’s account. Photos, time-stamped activity, and GPS information leads to better customer service, shorter call times, and non-confrontational resolution.



Routeware Back Office gives Dispatchers complete control of their routes.  All activity and events within each route are visible to the Dispatchers in real-time.  Route changes, helper routes, and issues in the field are easily taken care of within one application.



iStock_000021444663Medium.jpgQuite simply, drivers will love this system because it makes it easier and more efficient for them to run their routes.  With the ease of use of the Routeware on-board computer, drivers are armed with the information and tools to run their routes effectively, efficiently, and correctly.