Why Routeware May Be the Single Best Investment You Can Make in Your Waste Management Business.

Waste hauling companies are always looking for new ways to stop revenue leaks and increase profitability. Automating your operation is a pivotal step in accomplishing this.

In late 2015, Routeware conducted an in-depth audit with seven major clients to quantify the bottom line impact that our business intelligence and fleet tracking technology has on their businesses. The results were eye-opening.

r1.jpgClients eliminated 45-60 minutes per day/per route in their fleet. With standard operating costs of $100/per hour/per vehicle, savings amount to $75 to $100 per vehicle/per day …or $3,750 to $5,000 per day for a fleet of 50 trucks.

r2.jpgDrivers — especially commercial drivers — recorded $30 to $40 more in revenue per day because Routeware made it easier to log and account for extra pickups and services. With a fleet of 50 trucks, that amounts to increased revenue of $1,500 to $2,000 per day.


Drivers recorded 10 to 15% more pickups and transactions per day/per route.

r4.jpgWithin six months of deploying Routeware, clients saw at least 50% fewer calls from their customers and call handling times were decreased by 50%. 


One client reduced their fleet size by nearly 10% without reducing their customer size.

r6.jpg One client acquired more routes and businesses without having to purchase more trucks. 

r7.jpgClients calculated that each month they waited to deploy Routeware in one of their trucks, it cost them $3,500 per month/per truck.

r8.jpgClients received $15 to $20 back for each dollar they spent with Routeware; the internal rate of return for clients averaged over 500%.

r9.jpgThe average pay back time for clients’ Routeware investment was approximately four months.

r10.jpgOne large client (with a fleet of 300+ trucks) calculated savings of nearly $39 million (net present value) over seven years of using Routeware technology. 

Two universal sentiments from clients:

1. More thorough data analysis and time-clock integration would yield another 30-60 minutes of productivity.

2. They should invest in more resources to analyze their data.

Conclusion:  Every day a company waits to automate their waste hauling operation with business intelligence and fleet tracking technology, they are letting thousands of dollars slip away.