In Use by Major Waste Organizations Across North America

Routeware has been at the forefront of waste operations automation since we developed our first system in 1999.  As more operators have embraced the many ways technology can complement their business, our customer base has steadily expanded.  Today, we serve scores of major waste operators across North America—organizations ranging from 25 trucks to over 300. 


“Routeware helps us keep track of our equipment. If a truck breaks down, we are able to send helper routes out. We also use Routeware to sequence routes so we can get them up more efficiently. Routeware lets supervisors and operation managers know how we’re doing. If we didn’t have Routeware, it would be chaos.”

Gary James
Technical Specialist
Division of Waste Management
City of Lexington, Kentucky


“Our regular route drivers insist on having Routeware. And the swing drivers are more than anything dependent on Routeware because I can throw any driver into any route if it’s geo-coded and routed properly and he has no problem handling it. I can ask pretty much anybody who gets done early to go help somebody who broke down because I can remotely send them the route that they need to go do, the stops, and then those two drivers or more can work together with no lapses in data tracking or efficiency at all.

Routeware has helped us become quite a bit more efficient from dispatching to the drivers and to our customer service reps. Our customer service reps use Routeware to resolve questions that they would previously have to call and ask a dispatcher and then we’d have to call a driver. Now the reps can just get that information out of Routeware, relay it to the customer, and call times are greatly impacted by that. If our drivers didn’t have Routeware, they would probably lose their minds because they’d be back to paper route sheets and holding a map book and driving with one hand. Billing would become a nightmare.”

Tony Maciej
Back-up Dispatcher/Technology Specialist
Dick’s Sanitation
Lakeville, Minnesota


“Routeware shaves down a ton of time from conventional radio dispatching. You don’t have to repeat yourself as often, there are less errors once they arrive, they can read a box number instead of transposing a number when they’re writing it down, making sure they’re getting the right box. You can lower hours on the clock, and you can get more done in those hours while you’re there. If we didn’t have Routeware, we’d probably be 15-30% slower roll-off wise. Also, you’re not having to repeat yourself. When you’re doing that, you’re costing yourself 20 minutes on the radio.”

James Pletcher
Best Way Disposal
Indianapolis, Indiana