How Routeware Fits into Your Waste Management Operation

Since 1999, Routeware has been providing business intelligence and fleet tracking technology systems that help waste management companies control costs and capture revenue that might otherwise be lost.


Trucks are outfitted with tablet/Android™, camera, _____ (TBD) to capture data in real-time. Routeware captures:

  • Idle time 
  • Unsafe driving/other driver behavior 
  • Fuel consumption 
  • Drivers can easily record “Extras” (and photograph evidence)

Real-time data is sent to dispatcher(s) and management for review. With instantaneous data, home office can quickly create reports to:

  • Track service time and overtime 
  • Identify unsafe driver behavior
  • Reduce customer service call times
  • Resolve customer disputes in non-confrontational manner
  • Monitor engine/truck diagnostics and issues

Dispatchers and management can analyze data and communicate back to drivers in the field to:

  • Eliminate idle time
  • Expedite work order assignment
  • Facilitate go-backs