Increased Operational Visibility Means Increased Profits

Waste hauling operations are generally profitable enterprises. With the increased real-time visibility that Routeware offers into your operations, you can further cut costs and extract lost revenue opportunities to turbo-charge profits. Consider these questions…and how Routeware can help.


Do you bill for all the extras you collect?

It’s a headache for drivers to record the extra pick-up, so often they don’t bother.  And customers might refute that they put out extras, which means a headache for your customer service team.  Routeware makes it easy to track extras.  Drivers simply record the Extra on the on-board computer/tablet and take a picture. The information is automatically sent to your back office system and attached to the customer’s account. If a customer refutes the extra charge, you can share photographic proof with one click.  A recent customer audit shows that Routeware allows drivers to record $30 to $40 in extras each day. One customer reported they were able to pay for the Routeware system in the first year just on extras increases.

Are you charging all you can for run-backs?

Routeware makes it easy for drivers to record justifications (gate was locked, cans were blocked, unsafe surroundings) for skipping pick-ups…and charging for run-backs. If a driver skips a pick-up, they simply use Routeware to attach a note to the account and take a photo of the obstruction. Both are instantly connected to the account in question, fully justifying the run-back charge.


Are you getting as many pick-ups and work orders per route as possible?

Routeware records all driver progress in real-time. Back office personnel can quickly determine which drivers are close to being done with their work orders and others who still have multiple stops. Stops can then be seamlessly transferred from one truck to another to ensure drivers remain busy at all times. Supervisors can easily overlay routes to determine inefficient or overlapping routing schedules and make necessary adjustments. With Routeware, route balancing is easily accomplished.


Are you sure you are not servicing delinquent accounts?

Routeware automatically sends routes to each truck’s on-board computer/tablet. Accounts that are delinquent are tagged with a red bar to alert the driver that that account is not to be serviced. When the account owner is back in good standing, the red alert bar is removed from the screen.

Do you know your Recycling participation rates? 

Information for your recycling routes is recorded in the Routeware system. Back office personnel can easily bring up a report that shows the total number of recycling routes, expected customers and pick up rates. 

Have you ever been called and told you missed an entire street?

With Routeware’s instant route playback and breadcrumb capabilities, reconstructing a driver’s entire route is easy. Simply pull up the route in question and the GPS location of that truck throughout the day will be detailed instantly.

When a vehicle breaks down on route, how do you get the remaining customer addresses to the new driver/truck?

Routeware lets dispatchers instantly transfer routes from one truck’s on-board computer/tablet to another truck’s unit. Remaining stops will be instantly loaded to the new driver’s route list.

When a driver calls in sick and a driver unfamiliar with the area has to run the route, are you confident all addresses will be serviced?

Once again, dispatchers using Routeware can instantly transfer routes from one truck’s on-board computer/tablet to another truck’s unit. The new stops will be instantly loaded to the new driver’s route list.


How do you communicate with drivers while on route?

Routeware allows instant messaging between the driver and the back office. Two- way radios or cell phones are no longer necessary. Back office personnel can send blanket messages to everyone or individual messages to single drivers. Drivers can then respond or send instant messages to the back office. The on-board technology follows safety regulations and will not function when the vehicle is in gear.

Do you cross state lines in the course of operations and need to submit IFTA information?

Routeware includes a feature called “Geo Fencing” which allows you to define regions that are acceptable, or unacceptable, for your trucks to travel. Each time a truck leaves its geo fenced area, or enters a prohibited area, you’re alerted and this information is automatically recorded.

How many reams of paper do you currently go through each week printing route sheets?

Wrestling with route sheets is no fun. Routeware automates all of your operations—paper is no longer necessary! Routes are instantly delivered to the truck’s on-board computer/tablet. All driver activity is recorded and transmitted instantly to the back office system.

Do your drivers maintain their routes in a serviceable order?

Routeware lets you balance routes to avoid overlapping routes and improve efficiency. Turn by turn navigation is also available to determine the best driving routes.


How do you document non-compliance, blocked or overfilled cans?

Trucks can be equipped with cameras to capture photo evidence associated with accounts in question. Notes can also be recorded. Both can be sent instantly to the back office and linked with the appropriate customer account.

Do your drivers know if the customer requires a houseline pickup?

With Routeware, drivers can view notes associated with the given account. Routeware alerts the driver of notes; the notes can be opened so the driver can take appropriate action.

Can you track your drivers' progress throughout the day?

Routeware shows route progress (percentage complete and percentage left to complete) as well and driver location throughout the day.